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7 Cool Free Image Editors to Use

Images always need to be pimped on websites and free image editors are the way to go! There are also lots of ways you can use images in your marketing from boards on Pinterest, to creating your own shareable memes and the plethora of completely free image editing tools means creating your own marketing images […]

Your Search Engine Optimization Glossary

Let’s face it – starting out as a new website owner can mean learning a whole new language! To help you out, here is the WP Fiddly Bits search engine optimization or SEO glossary. Algorithm. A set of rules that a search engine uses to rank the pages contained within its index in response to […]

Use Blog Carnivals to Get More Website Traffic

Over at an online forum I hang about on, someone asked the question “what’s a blog carnival?”. It struck me that blog carnivals are bit of a blogging secret and it’s definitely worth finding out what the fuss is all about and whether it’s worth joining in… If you’re blogging for your business, then it’s […]

Business Blogging Tips

A business blog is a must-have for every business owner; whether you have a website for your business, your business is bricks and mortar only or if your business is only on the Internet. If you are in any type of business at all, you need to have a business blog. Here are our business […]

Why It’s Important To Have Good WordPress Layout

It’s important to make sure you have a good WordPress layout which is logical and easy to navigate. Customers who land on your website can get easily frustrated if it is difficult to find information they need, and with fast internet speeds and search engines offering many alternatives, it can be easier for them to […]