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Delray Beach Interiors

When award-winning Interior Designer, Olga Adler, asked us to give her a helping hand in creating a website to represent her luxury Delray Beach Interior Design company, we jumped at the chance. 

Olga’s meticulous eye for detail, passion for design and love for creating luxury but comfortable homes in the Delray Beach area meant she needed a website that not only screamed luxury but also integrated stunning images, sleek design, and a truly authentic feel to provide her customers with the ultimate opulent experience. 

We couldn’t wait to get stuck in! 

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‘For me, as a designer, the most important aspect of my website was conveying my brand and delivering a very specific look. Ali’s team understood the creative brief and it was from that understanding that we could navigate and negotiate the necessary compromises between what looks good and what works well in terms of functionality and SEO. I wouldn’t turn to anyone else to build another site!’

Olga Adler

Delray Beach Interiors

The Brief 

Olga reached out to us after a recent relocation, which meant she needed to perfectly position her website to capture the attention of her new target audience. 

We’d worked with Olga on her previous websites before the move (Connecticut to Florida) where she ranked top of Google, so we knew we needed to pull out all the stops to make this new website just as successful. This would mean carrying out extensive SEO research on our part, something we assured Olga we would keep at the top of our priorities list. 

And, of course, Delray Beach Interiors is all about the visuals. Olga wanted a website that would showcase her stunning designs in the most flattering light, meaning a stylish design was required with the option of adding a chic but vibrant portfolio. 

It was also important to Olga that we keep content consistent and clear, mimicking her promise of stress-free and timely interior design services. No fuss, just a pleasant, seamless experience, from that very first website click right the way through to project completion.

With all that in mind and some ideas brewing, we got to work! 

How we did It 

As SEO was at the top of our list, we focused on carrying out our extensive keyword research first. We focused specifically on location and ensured each page of the website would be directly targeted to groups of people in the desired areas who were likely to engage with the services Olga offered. 

Once our keyword research was complete, we moved on to designing a website that oozed luxury. We selected a muted colour palette coupled with high-quality images to create a sleek and stylish look and added a portfolio page that would serve as a gallery for Olga’s incredible designs. 

We then ensured service booking was straightforward, treating customers to a stress-free experience right from the get-go. Once the basic website structure was complete, we adorned it with some no-fuss copy and a few personal touches from Olga herself to really give the site that authentic feel. 

And, voila! A website truly representative of Olga and her wonderful designs. 

The Results 

As with any new website, the proof is always in the pudding! Here’s what Olga had to say about the impact her site has had on Delray Beach Interiors: 

‘I love the website Alison’s team built for my company. It looks great, it’s highly functional and easy to keep current. It provides a steady source of good leads thanks to the SEO magic that only Alison can deliver.’

What the Client Said 

We’ve worked with Olga for 12+ years now and it’s always such a pleasure, especially when she shares such lovely feedback: