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The Edwards Company

The Edwards Company


The Edwards Company, a Virtual Assistance Service, came to us with a desire to update and merge their two existing websites to match their recent rebrand. A double whammy of a project that we couldn’t wait to get our hands on.

The Brief 

The Edwards Company bit the bullet and underwent an exciting rebrand in 2021 – think new colour palettes, new logos, new audience and an all-new look! 

They tasked us with creating a site that not only blended their two existing sites but also brought it up to date with stunning design and seamless UX. A focus on brand personality and business development was imperative, as well as the addition of a direct debit payment system.

A few meetings later and with a solid plan in place, we got stuck in.

How We Did It 

As always, we began by really taking our time to understand the personality this company wanted to convey. They’re credible and approachable, but also incredibly relatable. 

We let this infuse the design, sticking to modern and clear typography that complimented their new, sophisticated colour palette. We also designed an interactive About Us page to really make their personality pop.

We’re big on UX here at WP Fiddly Bits – if it isn’t easy to navigate, we don’t want it! We designed clear, functional drop-down menus and embedded links between pages to allow clear, hassle-free site navigation.

When it came to the tech bits, we focused on ‘getting results’. We took their desire for business development on board and carried out in-depth target audience research. We utilised our findings for SEO purposes, ensuring the site would show up for all the right people, in all the right places. 

Finally, we added a direct debit payment system, saving them both time and money in the long run.

Content was added, bespoke imagining uploaded, and before we knew it, www.edwards-pacompany.com was born.


In the first month following the launch of the new site, The Edwards Company saw a 300% increase in traffic to the site and has benefitted from regular increases ever since. 

Their website now perfectly reflects the people behind the business, as well as capturing the attention of the dream clients.

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“Alison and the WP Fiddly Bits team did a fantastic job with our website. They took all our ideas on board and created something that is truly representative of our business. It looks beautiful and gives users the perfect first impression of who we are and what we do.  We couldn’t be happier!”

Lisa Edwards