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The Jade Centre


When Louise Attwood, owner and key practitioner of The Jade Centre, came to us with some ideas for updating her website, we jumped at the chance to work on such an exciting project. 

The Jade Centre is a medical practice for acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine completely focused on providing the best possible experience for its clients, which meant Louise needed a website to match. 

The Brief 

Medical websites can often feel a bit daunting for users. With The Jade Centre website, we wanted to create the opposite. To make the experience as straightforward and as comfortable as possible for clients, Louise wanted to add a booking system that was easy to use for clients, and reduced admin workload on her end. 

It was also important that the website had a friendly, down-to-earth tone to it while still building credibility and trust. Again, Louise wanted this to work in two ways – to make The Jade Centre experience a pleasant one and to reassure clients of her skills and credibility. 

With the brief set in stone and ready to go, we set about creating the perfect website for The Jade Centre. 

How We Did It

Here at WP Fiddly Bits, we like to get the tech bits out of the way first before working on the overall look and feel of the website. To do this, we integrated an automated booking system that would allow clients to choose an appointment slot and service that best suited their needs. This streamlined process allowed Louise to monitor bookings on her end and created a straightforward, stress-free booking experience for her clients. 

Then it was time for the good stuff! To create that friendly tone Louise wanted, we focused largely on visuals, including images of Louise and the practice itself to help clients get to know the practice and start to feel comfortable with it right from the get-go. First impressions are vital! 

We also ensured that the copy we wrote was free from complex jargon, written from Louise’s perspective for that personal touch, and focused on the client overall – the perfect way to make a website experience an enjoyable one. 

We always like to throw in some testimonials for good measure, and with that, The Jade Centre’s website was born! 

The Results 

A new website doesn’t mean much unless it works in the way we expected it to – and this one certainly did: 

‘The new website is appealing to new customers and attracting more new clients each day. The website text is written in such a way that I no longer need to take phone calls answering people’s queries about treatments as they tend to book in via the booking system without needing to speak with me first. This has made my day-to-day workload much easier. Clients have told me how easy they find the whole booking system, from their very first booking and also follow-up appointment bookings.’ – Louise

What the Client Said 

We love nothing more than a happy customer, and Louise liked her new website so much that she asked us to stay on and manage it for her (and help out with other marketing aspects) – we’re thrilled! 

Here’s what Louise had to say: 

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‘Alison is fantastic to work with. She is warm, friendly and encouraging and has a very creative mind with great vision. On the technical side, any website issues are responded to and dealt with very quickly by either Alison or her team. Will happily recommend Alison to everyone.’

Louise Attwood