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What is Google Analytics 4? Why Do You Need to Switch to it? 

what is google analytics 4 G4 is coming

GA4 is coming, ready or not!  If you’ve been playing hide and seek with Google’s new version of Analytics, it’s time to give up the game and make the switch. Change can be daunting, especially a change as significant as the move to Google Analytics 4, but doing so will enable you to better understand […]

WordPress Development – What We Can Do

WordPress development what we can do

A WordPress development agency can provide a range of services to small business owners who want to establish or improve their online presence. Some of the key ways in which WP Fiddly Bits can help small business owners include: Custom WordPress Website Design: A WordPress development agency can design and build a custom website tailored […]

One Off WordPress Jobs

one off WordPress Jobs Fixes

At WP Fiddly Bits we not only actively manage our client websites but we also take care of one-off WordPress jobs or fixes as they arise. Here are some examples of one-off website jobs: Fixing broken links: Broken links can lead to a poor user experience and negatively impact SEO. A one-off fix for broken […]

What is a Website Maintenance Plan?

what is a website maintenance plan

What is a Website Maintenance Plan? If you are growing your online business then you need to consider a website maintenance plan as part of your ongoing business strategy. Why Website Maintenance is Key to a Successful Website Just like any software, websites require maintenance to keep the site working properly. Unfortunately, you can’t just […]

What is electronic word-of-mouth (E-WOM), and why does it matter?

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin E-WOM happens when people talk about your products or services online. I like to think E-WOM in simple terms. Perhaps, E-WOM comes around whenever someone shares your content online or makes a comment on it. One share or a thousand, it all counts as word of mouth because visitors are […]

WordPress Security – Trouble-free ways to Secure your Website

Person improving their WordPress security on a Mac Book

WordPress Security Guide Why is WordPress security important? Did you know that 46% of UK businesses in 2019 and 2020 have faced a cyber-attack? (meerrrr).  And the stats are even more shocking if you own a WordPress site. Due to the sheer amount of WordPress users, Hackers see WordPress as a pool of opportunity. In […]

A beginners guide to WordPress Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

beginner's guide to WordPress search engine optimisation SEO

This five-part blog include modules in: Getting to grips with SEO Before forking out on paid digital marketing, read this. You may reconsider. Six ways to improve your WordPress’ SEO, even if you’re a beginner A Japanese inspired approach to SEO management Things to consider with your WordPress SEO strategy With a whopping 3.010 billion […]

COVID-19 – Free Help for Small Businesses

Are you a small business selling essentials? Have you switched to home delivery? Are you struggling to manage this change over the ‘phone, through Facebook etc? Would you like help to streamline your ordering and take some stress away. If YES, we can help! I’ve been so grateful to local traders – grocers, butchers, milkmen, […]

WordCamp London 2019 : Alison is Speaking

WordCamp London 2019. Alison is speaking! WordCamp London (WCLDN) is a community volunteer organised WordPress event which has been running since 2013, it’s simlar to a conference combined with training workshops. Attendees are anybody who uses, builds or simply has an interest in WordPress including bloggers, designers, developers and end-users. We’re thrilled to announce that […]

WordPress 5.0: What is Gutenberg?


What is Gutenberg? WordPress didn’t get to become the leading content management system in the world by sheer chance. Since their inception back in 2003, WordPress have delivered several different upgrades. While some have been mere tweaks, others have been larger overhauls of the service designed to make things easier for users. That is exactly […]