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EU Clients – GDPR is Coming!

GDPR Small Businesses

From May 2018 there will be a significant change in how small businesses handle customer data. GDPR will affect all businesses, large or small, in some way and its best to be thinking now about any changes you will need to make to your working practices.
For example,

  1. Despite Brexit, if you work with clients in the EU, you need to meet requirements if you are working with clients in the EU.
  2. GDPR relates to the securement of personal information – such as email addresses, IP addresses, text messages and structured paper records.
  3. Part of the changes relate to how you collect personal information – you cannot assume consent and need to demonstrate that contacts have consciously opted-in.
  4. You won’t be able to export one list you hold to another e.g. using linked in contact lists to add to your newsletter list. Specific permission is key.
  5. Historical data will also be affected – and this is the area which I think will be most problematic – current subscribers need to opt in again or you need to be able to prove you have their permission to mail.
  6. Personal information must be kept securely – in the case of mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, phones, this may mean considering encryption to give extra protection in the case of any theft of the devices.
  7. Data storage needs to be secure and GDPR compliant – whether it is based in the EU or not [such as cloud storage].
  8. You’ll need to check that your Data Protection Policy and Privacy Policy are up to date and make sure that they are available on your website – we always recommend that this information is fully available in your website footer.

You may need to speak to us to ensure that your website complies with the data collection with the minimum of fuss – remember to book us early if you need this tech support.

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