wordpress fiddly bitsFiddly Bits: What’s with the name?

adjective fid·dly \ˈfi-dəl-ē\

: awkward or difficult to handle because of many small parts or details

Full Definition of FIDDLY
chiefly British
: requiring close attention to detail : fussy; especially : requiring an annoying amount of close attention

Examples of FIDDLY
connecting up all the wires and the other fiddly bits

Fiddly Bits grew out of a WordPress service we were providing to existing digital marketing clients who needed various marketing-led technical jobs doing for them such as landing pages, autoresponder set-ups, website refreshes and banner creations etc.

For a while, we referred to these development projects and quick fixes as “fiddly bits” – because to our clients, that’s what they were – annoying tech jobs which were slowing their sales and marketing because they were too detailed for the client to DIY while running their businesses.

So, the name stuck – and we decided to create a brand new business to help business owners fix their fiddly bits!


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