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We are a LearnDash Development Agency

LearnDash is our WordPress tool of choice for creating user friendly learning management systems which are scaleable and chock full of exciting learning options for your students.

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Integrate LearnDash with WP Fiddly Bits!

LearnDash makes it easy to manage and market your online learning experience, enabling your WordPress website to become a full learning management environment. As LearnDash developers we are experienced in customising the software to work for your business goals. Our marketing expertise will help you take advantage of the sales and promotional elements LearnDash can offer your business. .

Capable LearnDash Developers

LearnDash has been a key service at WP Fiddly Bits since 2018. In that time we've built loads of LearnDash sites and managed more!

Robust Web Build Organisation

Building an onlne training patform can seem daunting. We can help you organise your thoughts - and content! - for stress free creation.

Aftercare Experts

You can email our team at our secure support desk and we’ll get straight on it!.

There's More!

Access to additional web design, seo, marketing and development services.

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"It’s like having a webmaster on your team without the salary.”

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Why We Love LearnDash

LearnDash offers course creators and educators a learning management system with advanced features which works seamlessly with WordPress.

As LearnDash developers we highly recommend it!

Course Customisation

Choose your own theme, match your courses to your brand. Use your own PageBuilder and edit with ease.

Ecommerce Integration

Checkout options include WooCommerce, Stripe, PayPal, 2Checkout and RazorPay.

Student Experience

Become the market leader - not just locally but globally.

No Additional Fees

Use sales and feedback to inform your business.

Keep Students Learning

Online makes the world a smaller place and removes geographical boundaries.

Encourage Collaboration

One and done. Create your course once then only update when you need to.

Manage Your WorkLoad

All your customers receive the same awesomeness.

Repeat Customers

Video, audio and plain old text. Your students can learn in many different ways.

Let me explain

How it works

It's much easier than you think to monetise what you know and teach to others. LearnDash does all the heavy lifting for you.

Book a Call

Let's explore some ideas together. We can advise the best platform to use and the best way to sell.

We'll Plan it Out Together

We can help you get your first course scoped out. From then on in, it can be rinse and repeat!

Relax. We've Got Your Back.

You get on with what you are best at – running your business. We create your Next Big Thing.

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