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Out of Hours Support Service for Current Maintain Package Clients Only

Our Office business hours are 09:00-17:00, Monday to Thursday and 09:00-16:00 on Friday.
We also close the Office during UK Public Holidays and for occasional days throughout the year for staff training [we let you know of these days via your regular Client Bulletin sent via email]
Outside this time we operate a skeleton staff coverage to manage any urgent client issues for our MAINTAIN clients ONLY. See below for the best way to manage emergencies during this time period.
We know that any website issue can be stressful but please think carefully about whether this is a business-critical issue or one that can wait till Office Hours. We do charge an additional call-out fee for work undertaken in the evenings, on weekends or on Bank Holidays.

Urgent Client Issues Procedure:


It’s very unlikely to happen, but if you have an urgent issue e.g. your website appears to be down or you can’t take payments, or, you were updating your site and have accidentally messed up [it happens to all of us!] then this is the procedure:
Your Website is Down:
  1. If you think your website is down, then please go to this website to check: https://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/ – add your URL and you will get confirmation as to your website status. If it says it’s down for just you, then don’t worry, it’s usually a temporary ISP issue which will resolve itself.
  2. If the website is down then this normally solves itself very quickly if it’s a server issue, so don’t worry.
  3. Follow the Helpdesk Procedure below.
You Can’t Take Payments Online:
  1. Firstly do a quick check with your payment provider to see if its a temporary issue with their server/software [their website will carry a Service Update page, or they may Tweet about any problem as it occurs]
  2. If you are still sure it is an issue with your website then follow the Helpdesk Procedure below.
You Were Fiddling About with Your Website and now it’s Disappeared/Looks Odd etc.
  1. Don’t Panic.
  2. Firstly, if you host with us then we will have taken a backup of your website in the early hours of the same day and can reinstall it usually with the flick of a button.
  3. If you don’t host with us then you MUST ensure your website is regularly backed up [we can set this up for you, just email us to ask as a one-off job]. Seriously, without adequate backups this turns a quick fix into a much longer job – this is your responsibility – set it up today!
  4. Follow the Helpdesk Procedure below
You Think You’ve Been Hacked.
  1. This always seems much worse than it is – but always quickly fixable with a backup [see above].
  2. Follow the Helpdesk Procedure below
Emergency Helpdesk Procedure:
  1. Send an email to this address: support@wpfiddlybits.com. NOTE this is not the public email address!
  2. In the subject line, mark it “URGENT” and give a brief indication of the Issue e.g. URGENT Site Hacked.
  3. Include screenshots if you can and any error numbers you see.
  4. Call this number: +44 20 8798 0709 – Leave a message explaining you have sent an email to the Support Helpdesk for emergency support. Leave your mobile number, even if you think we have it already. A message will be taken and sent to the on call team member via Text.
  5. You should get a holding email reply which will confirm we have received your email.
  6. Sit tight, we’ve got your back.
Please don’t use social media, mobile phone numbers, other emails or carrier pigeons to contact us – we may miss your messages or not respond in a timely way. By following the Emergency Helpdesk Procedure we have an audit trail of your issue which enables us to support you better and fix you up sooner!
For work undertaken outside our Office Hours [detailed above] we charge as follows per hour:
Emergency / Out of Hours Rate* £79.00
Weekend Rate** £97.00

*All work undertaken after 5:00 pm, Monday-Thursday.
**Also includes Bank Holidays and special holidays. Begins after 1600 on Friday.