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Website Detox:

A Stress Free Website Review

If your website isn’t up to scratch then you’ll get into Google’s bad books. That means your potential customers won’t find you easily and will end up buying from your competitors instead.

The good news is that the Fiddly Bits Website Review looks at your site and tells you what you need to get fixed to get into the Google game.

It works like this:

Our Website Detox is a review of all the key areas of your website which will affect your search engine optimisation [and therefore your Google rankings].



Find out if Google can actually access all your content and make sure you haven’t got any page errors making you invisible!


Meta Tags

Those bits of important website information like titles and descriptions. We check they’re all present and correct.


We’ll let you know if you have enough content on your webpages for Google to read or too much!


The can of worms no-one wants to open! Are all your links working properly Optimised Or are they sending your customers on the road to nowhere…


So often overlooked – a picture paints a thousand words – but a broken or unoptimised images makes you speechless in Google.


Got any 404s? We’ll find out – along with all the other errors your website may have.


Your website needs to be faster than Speedy Gonzales if you want to keep up with Google!

Mobile Friendly

Make sure all your visitors can see you clearly – whatever devise they use!


We’ll even check your website security and advise you on preventing hackers, malware and viruses.