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Why WordPress Powers Over 30% of All Websites


Why WordPress Powers Over 30% of All WebsitesWhy WordPress Powers Over 30% of All Websites:
When it comes to creating a website quickly and without a huge outlay of cash, there are many different options out there. Sites like WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, and other content management services have made it easy to get a website made and out to the masses without an awful lot of fuss. With that said, it is WordPress who have taken control of this very lucrative market, with estimates suggesting that their platform is responsible for powering as much as 30% of the websites currently online. That is a staggering number, which makes you wonder how they were able to do it.

Ease of Use:
One of the most appealing aspects of WordPress is its ease of use. You don’t need to have any sort of design experience to go in and create a site from scratch, especially if you are working off one of the many templates that are available via WordPress, as well as from individual designers. It certainly also helps that WordPress is considered to be the most secure of these types of services, which is an important factor for anyone looking to create an online presence.

Plugins and Templates
WordPress sites use plugins that can be easily drag and dropped into your site, making it easy to add and remove elements at will. It’s also possible to change the layout of the site, up to a point, by moving these plugins around the site. If you are using a template, you are still somewhat limited, but if you go with a custom design, you open up all sorts of creative doors that can take your website from something simple to a more complex layout.

Collaboration and Growth:
Another great aspect about WordPress is that it is perfect for those who have several different users looking after the website. Access can be granted to as many people as you wish, allowing them to work on their past of the site without waiting for some sort of permission from the boss. There is also the opportunity to grow using WordPress, as you can make the move from shared hosting to a managed hosting account where yours is the only site on the server. Businesses can grow quickly, and the options offered by WordPress allows their clients to grow and upgrade their websites without a whole lot of fuss.

Given the success of WordPress, programmers and developers are constantly coming up with new plug-ins and themes, all of which are designed to keep your website ahead of the curve in terms of relevance. It’s certainly easy for website owners to give their visitors what they need when they have people working behind the scenes to develop plug-ins that make the website visiting experience that much better. Despite their success, WordPress seem unwilling to rest on their laurels, as they constantly strive to deliver a better experience for the many users who are turning to them to create a website. As long as they continue to maintain that attitude, it is likely that the 30%+ count may drift even higher.

Alison is the Director and Founder of WP Fiddly Bits, the WordPress Website Maintenance experts, and contributes to the WP Fiddly Bits WordPress blog. She also uses her background in marketing to help clients get found everywhere online.


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