New WordPress Website Review from the Fiddly Bits Team |

wordpress website review detoxWe’re very proud to launch our new WordPress Website Review and Detox!

It’s the perfect solution if you are scratching your head trying to work out why your WordPress site seems to lack Google Love!

SEO success depends on what happens on your site as much as everything that happens off your site. Slow websites, ones with broken links and poor content, with unoptimised meta data [KLAXON: GeekSpeak!] can get you into Google’s bad books. And the sad thing is that unless you use special software which has x-ray eyes, then you’d never know 🙁

The good news is that the Fiddly Bits team can look at your website for you [with their own x-ray eyes AND the special software] and tell you what you need to get fixed to get into the Google game.

Our Website Detox is a review of all the key areas of your website which will affect your search engine optimisation [and therefore your Google rankings].

It works like this:

We deliver a Website Review covering all of this:

  • Visibility issues: Find out if Google can actually access all your content and make sure you haven’t got any page errors making you invisible!
  • Meta Issues: Those bits of important website information like titles and descriptions. We check they’re all present and correct.
  • Content: We’ll let you know if you have enough content for Google to read [or too much!]
  • Link issues: The can or worms noone wants to open! Are all your links working properly? Optimised? Or are they sending your customers on the road to nowhere…
  • Image Problems: So often overlooked – a picture paints a thousand words – but a broken or unoptimised images makes you speechless in Google.

Then, you’ll get:

  • A PDF with all your website issues listed.
  • Our Website Detox Guide – a secret squirrel manual to help you get friendly with your website – including the latest must-have plug-ins and cool tips.
  • A 30 minute strategy call with Alison on any topic you’d like [although it may be more useful for you if you stick to online marketing, SEO, social media, websites and all that Jazz!]

To get all the deets simply click here.

Alison is the Founder of WP Fiddly Bits, the Wordpress Website Maintenance experts, and contributes to the WP Fiddly Bits WordPress blog. She also uses her background in marketing to help clients get found everywhere online.