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For Fiona Pedley, an expanding Virtual Assistant business meant a mega website upgrade was in order.

Fiona is the founder of The Canine VA, which offers a helping hand (or paw!) to clients in the canine business world. Whether it be breeders, vets, or groomers, Fiona provides them with a range of services designed streamline their business and keep things running smoothly.

So, when Fiona’s business grew, and she realised her need for a brand-new website, we were thrilled that she asked us to help out!

Here’s what we came up with…

The Brief

Being a Virtual Assistant is all about making things as easy as possible for your clients. Fiona wanted a website that would help her achieve that goal and convince potential clients that she was the perfect candidate to help them keep on top of things.


With this in mind, we knew we needed to take Fiona’s current HTML website and turn it into a WordPress site that would be super simple to use, but eye-catching and informative at the same time. We decided on a fun but functional overall design.


Fiona also stressed the importance of integrating a simple contact form – this would need to be designed so that it was not only quick and easy for clients to fill in, but also gave Fiona all the information she needed to be able to support their business most effectively.

Finally, Fiona requested a pop of personality, plenty of furry-friend-themed styling and a focus on her beloved springer spaniels, Hollie and Kensi.

And with that, we got to work!

How We Did It

First things first, we pulled together a fun but sophisticated colour palette and design, followed by an easy-to-use navigation system. We focused on keeping things simple, with plenty of subheadings, icons and colour accents to draw the eye to all the right places.

We filled Fiona’s pages with plenty of easy-to-read content packed full of useful information and then added in that all-important contact form. We also included a blog page to help Fiona connect with her new audience.

Finally, we focused on that pop of personality. We added some gorgeous images of Fiona and her spaniels and included a mission statement that demonstrated Fiona’s passion for the canine industry and helping her clients succeed.

A few CTAs later and a sprinkle of paw prints, and the website was complete!

Canine VA WordPress Website Design
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"Fiddly Bits have built me a whole new website & with that I have also rebranded with a name change. Since it’s launch I have had so many positive comments about it, such as how clean, clear & easy to navigate it is. The site looks so professional but also shows the fun side of my personality & what I’m about. It really gives my business that final professional touch that I wanted. I’ve had several enquiries since it’s launch which is fantastic & it’s showing up well in searches. Everyone who has looked at it absolutely loves it. I was nervous at the thought of getting a completely new website designed and moving over to WordPress, but from the first moment I had a call with Alison I knew I was in safe hands! The team took the time to understand what I wanted & were great at making suggestions on way to improve it for me to enhance the user experience. I wanted a site that was professional but was easy to navigate & contain all the info people would want. I had no idea what I wanted it to look like & just gave them a few links to websites that appealed to me & from that they created my site, which I LOVE. The whole team were really helpful & were always happy to answer my endless questions. Going forward Fiddly Bits are hosting my site on their servers so I know it’s completely safe & will be secure. I would 110% recommend Fiddly Bits to anyone wanting an amazing new website."

Fiona Pedley

The Canine VA

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