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I created WP Fiddly Bits almost by accident over 10 years ago when I found that my digital marketing strategy clients were having a lot of website problems which were stopping them making more money online. For example they’d need to create landing pages, autoresponders and other website marketing tools and not be able to find anyone who understood what these were and how to make them work. On top of that, many had websites that were suffering in the search engines because they were too slow, full of errors and kept going down.

WordPress maintenance services and managed hosting companies abound, but how many really understand how to marry tech expertise with online marketing stardust? It was then that I knew i had to step in and create a web development agency that understood all the latest marketing techniques and how to implement them correctly. One that would own really fast, safe and secure servers so clients wouldn’t need to worry that their website performance was letting them down.

Since then, my team and I have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and small business owners to take care of the tech side. I believe our offer is unique – marrying marketing expertise with technical know-how. If you’d like to know more about how we work, then please book a call with me below. I’d love to find out how we can take away your website worries!

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Alison Rothwell, Director, Fiddly Bits.

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