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What is a Website Maintenance Plan?

what is a website maintenance plan

What is a Website Maintenance Plan?

A Website Maintenance Plan (or Care Plan, as we like to call it!) does what it says on the tin. It ensures your website is in tip-top condition and working effectively for your customers.


Websites are complex beings. You spend months and months perfecting them before they launch, and then once they’re out there in the world, there can be a tendency for business owners to forget about them. They’re left to their own devices which, unfortunately, can lead to few niggling issues that can be timely and costly to fix.

A website care plan eliminates the risk of things going wrong with your website and ensures everything continues to work as it should.

But why is investing in a Website Care Plan so important? And what aspects of your website does a Maintenance Plan cover?


The Importance of a Website Maintenance Plan

Website Maintenance Plans mean a close eye is kept on every aspect of your website, from user experience to security, SEO to plugin updates. Let’s take a look at the examples below to determine just how vital these elements are…


  1. User Experience

Imagine you’ve found the perfect website offering the perfect solution to your problem. You’re desperate to enquire so you locate the contact form, fill it and then… the ‘Send’ button doesn’t work.

You’d click off and find another website with a fully functioning contact form, right? We would.

A bad user experience costs you big. A Website Maintenance Plan means all aspects that contribute to a solid, seamless user experience are kept in full working order, and your users leave your website as happy customers.


  1. Security

Dodgy plugins, missed updates, and lack of maintenance all leave your website vulnerable. WordPress is one of the biggest hacking targets currently, which is why it’s so vital that security remains tight at all times.

A Website Maintenance Plan means security is monitored around the clock, hacking attempts stopped in their tracks, and the risk of losing money and customers eliminated.


  1. Money Saving

Website Care Plans aren’t cheap. You pay for the quality of the service you’re receiving and, understandably, that may put you off if you’re just starting out on your business venture.

However, websites are far cheaper to maintain than they are to fix. Website Care Plans resolve issues before they become huge problems, keeping your website in top condition and removing the risk of forking out for costly fixes.

If you’re going to invest in anything for your business, it should be a reliable maintenance plan for your website.


Your Website Maintenance Plan

Now we know just how important a Website Maintenance Plan is, let’s take a look at everything one can provide.

Here at WP Fiddly Bits, our Website Care Plans include:

  • Security
  • Backups
  • Uptime
  • Reports
  • Speed
  • Spam
  • Safe Website Edits
  • SEO

An incredible amount of work has gone into your website. It’s the heart of your business and the first point of call for your customers. Protect it with a no-frills, solid Website Care Plan at WP Fiddly Bits.

For more information on our Website Care Plans or advice on how to protect your website, please get in touch.






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