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Keeping your Website Secure

keeping your website secure

Keeping your Website Secure

Trying to handle website security yourself is a bit like plugging holes in a sinking ship. No matter how good your plugging capabilities are, the water will eventually find its way in.

The same goes for your cybersecurity. Cyber threats are constantly evolving and maturing. Hackers find new ways to target websites all the time, and no matter how tight you think your site security is, they’ll always find a loophole.

This is especially likely if you’re trying to manage your site security in-house. Not only is it incredibly time-consuming, but it can be a real challenge to stay on top of when it comes to updates and dealing with security breach attempts.

With this in mind, it may be beneficial to outsource your website security management to a website security whiz.

Here’s Why:


The Benefits of Outsourcing your Website Security

Save Money

While the thought of forking out for external website support might make your toes curl (not more expenses!), it’s way better than the alternative. Trust us.

If your business suffers a website security breach, it’s going to cost you. And it’s going to cost you big. In fact, IBM Security found that globally, data breaches cost businesses around $6 trillion annually. Not a figure we’re keen on contributing to!

If a security breach occurred, not only would you have to pay to fix the mess left behind by a hacker, but you could also face massive reductions in revenue.

Take this, for example. If a website you used somehow accidentally compromised your personal data, would you use that website again? We wouldn’t! Leaving your website open to security breaches could mean losing valuable customers in the long run.

Instead, investing in outsourcing your website security not only ensures your website is safe, but also avoids the costly clean-up if something was to go wrong.


Save Time

Website security isn’t just about ensuring you have a nice strong password. There are all kinds of ins and outs that could leave your website vulnerable. Updating plugins, failing to update plugins, not keeping up with changing regulations, clicking dodgy links… the list goes on!

Making sure your website is secure and fending off potential cyber threats really is a full-time job. One that you simply don’t have time for.

Investing in external website security support means less time worrying about keeping your stuff safe and more time actually growing your business. Sounds like a win, win situation to us!


Peace of Mind

Website security is stressful. It’s that constant little niggle at the back of your mind that you just can’t get rid of, no matter how on top of it you try to be.

Investing in website security experts takes that stress away entirely. When their entire role is dedicated to keeping your website safe, it means you have complete peace of mind that your business and your data are in good hands.

Here at WP Fiddly Bits, we provide expert website security services designed to give you peace of mind. For more information, please get in touch.


Alison is the Director and Founder of WP Fiddly Bits, the WordPress Website Maintenance experts, and contributes to the WP Fiddly Bits WordPress blog. She also uses her background in marketing to help clients get found everywhere online.


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