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Signs you Need a Website Care Plan

signs you need a website care plan

Signs you Need a Website Care Plan

Once you’ve got your business website up and running, it can be incredibly tempting to leave it well alone. You’ve worked hard on it for months on end. It’s finally perfect and functioning as it should – surely you can leave it be and crack on with running your business now, right?

As nice as this would be, it’s not entirely the case!

Websites are constantly evolving, and one dodgy update or broken piece of code can have a bit of a domino effect. One wrong move, and suddenly you’ve got error messages popping up out of nowhere, pages failing to load, products going AWOL and a whole lot of extra stress on your already full plate!

This is where Website Care Plans come in – but how do you know when you need one?


You Might Need a Website Care Plan if…

Your Time is Tight

Without a Website Care Plan, your website just exists as it is. It’ll be up to you to liaise with your host to chat all things updates, maintenance and reports and when something goes wrong, you’ll have to spend your time conveying the issues to them.

When your business is busy and time is tight, this simply isn’t feasible. But, left to its own devices, your website becomes vulnerable to failed updates, incompatible plugins and security breaches, leaving you firmly stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Website Care Plans remove the need for you to spend your time dealing with this yourself. Instead, your website will be constantly monitored, and bugs, issues, breakages and security risks fixed before you’ve even noticed they’ve gone wrong.


You Worry About Website Security

Let’s face it, everyone worries about online security. In fact, according to Statista, 90% of global online users have at least one concern about things like data privacy when using the internet.

This worry is intensified massively when security issues could threaten your website, your SEO efforts, your private data, financial information and potentially, your livelihood.

Leaving your website vulnerable to security threats simply isn’t worth the risk, but without a Website Care Plan in place, the risk is very real.

When your WordPress site isn’t updated correctly, things go wrong, leaving loopholes for hackers to infiltrate your site. Website Care Plans ensure security breaches are blocked, and your website remains protected at all times.


You Want Peace of Mind

While a website is obviously an asset to your business, it’s also another thing to add to your to-do list. Without a Website Care Plan, your site becomes your sole responsibility and will probably take up a bit more brain space than you’d like it to!

Investing in a Website Care Plan gives you complete peace of mind that your website is functioning as it should, protected from security risks and isn’t potentially losing you customers rather than gaining them.

Added benefits like regular backups, built-in support time, monthly reports and speed increases aren’t too shabby either!

If your website is playing on your mind, it might be time to invest in a Website Care Plan. To find out more about ours, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Alison is the Director and Founder of WP Fiddly Bits, the WordPress Website Maintenance experts, and contributes to the WP Fiddly Bits WordPress blog. She also uses her background in marketing to help clients get found everywhere online.


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